Welfare Grants

Welfare Grants

These grants will be assessed on behalf of the HCNC by the QNI who have an established welfare grants department. Final decisions and payment will be made by the HCNC.


Grants will be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. An applicant must work or have worked as a registered community nurse or community midwife within Hertfordshire for a minimum of three years full time
  2. Grants will not be awarded to student nurses
  3. Grants are limited to a single grant per individual
  4. The maximum grant award is limited to £1,000 per person. We would not normally give a grant for small items costing less than £500

Examples of Uses of Grants

  • Essential white goods e.g. fridges, washing machines
  • Building repairs and home adaptations
  • Specialist equipment e.g. stairlift, mobility scooter
  • Short term financial emergencies

Various supporting documents will be required to process the application details of which are listed on the QNI application form on the following link…