General Grant Information


Grant Aid

All nurses working in the community in Hertfordshire (including school nurses and general practice nurses) are eligible to apply for a grant to help them undertake professional development. Nursing grants have been awarded in recent years for a wide range of subjects, including part-time and full time degree courses.

Recent awards have included Counselling, Palliative Care, Cancer Care, Mental Health, Childcare, Learning Disabilities, Asthma, Tissue Viability, Systemic Psychotherapy, Pain Management, Gerontology, Nurse Prescribing and General Nursing Degrees.

It is important that the applicant has their manager’s approval to ensure appropriateness of the award to both career and employment situation, and to patient care. All available assistance and funding from NHS sources must have been sought.

Any group of Community, Hospice or Practice Nurses employed in Hertfordshire can apply for help in running a particular course or project where the cost cannot be recovered through NHS resources.

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Major Grants

From time to time major grants generally up to a limit of £20,000 are made to facilitate projects which can be shown to have a positive and beneficial effect on health care in the community.

Applications are invited which give an outline of the project, how and by whom it is managed, estimated costs, other funding available and a summary of the benefits that it will achieve. For further details please contact Violet Beazley whose contact details are on our Contact us page.

Personal Grants

There are occasions when the Charity is able to help with nurses’ personal problems. Generally working with other agencies, it is possible for the Trust to provide rapid financial assistance towards alleviating distress. If you feel you require this kind of assistance, please contact Louise Landman whose contact details are on our Contact us page.